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Matthew 1 - let the journey begin

California Bus

We limit ourselves to the experiences of those who have gone before us; what is around us; to what we've heard or think we know.
Jesus came to show us that there would be no limit to what we'd be able to achieve with him.

I remember the first time I realised that I needed more. I was only 16 but I had already had enough of my 'Normal'.  Waking up, going to college, coming home, chilling with friends, watching a bit of tv and then going to bed.  I had had enough of having sporadic moments irregularity. "If this was all life had to offer what was the point. It was just becoming a repetitive cycle. All the house parties (to young to go to actual raves) were the same - hyped for those few hours but then back to normal. Socialising with friends; bowling, Nandos, cinema etc.  - hyped for those few hours but then back to normal. Box set series - hyped for those few days but then back to normal. Holidays - hyped for those few days but then back to normal. A repetitive cycle that resembled one of those merry-go-round funfair rides. I had reached my limit of being able to go round. I had become extremely dizzy and was starting to feel sick.
I was done!

As I looked around me a realised that I was surrounded by normal though. Everyone seemed to be on the same ride as me just with different back drops. One day it hit me, I remembered that God called me to more.
"I've come they you may have life, and that you may have it more abundantly" - the words rang in my ears as I began to contemplate the word abundantly. What would this kind of life look like and how different would it be to what I already had and even knew existed.

As you go through the family tree of Jesus in Matthew 1 there are clear examples of people who had chosen to experience more and what impact that decision had on their life. As I look back over the last 13 years I conclude that asking God for more was the best decision I could have ever made.

I've chosen more but will you?

In your Journal, outline what an abundant (full) life looks like to you.

If you are stuck on how to begin, list all the areas of your life as headings and then be as specific as you can. Aiming to get at least two points for each 

Take a moment to ask God to give you a desire for more in every area of your life. Make a commitment to say yes more (to things that you would usually shy away from). And then ask Him to give you more. Be sure to mark this moment down!


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